Microbe Free Solutions (MFS) has joined the Caring Brands International (CBI) family of companies. CBI offers a wide variety of client and customer solutions through a handful of widely recognized brands across many industries including transportation, construction, hospital facilities, hospitality, and others. 

Leveraging the consolidated and shared resources of the group of companies has led to some notable uses of products, particularly the use of antimicrobials. The antimicrobial products our family of companie offers, under the names of Xmicrobe and Fresh Start are Hypergreen, EPA registered technologies that are pushing the envelope of innovation worldwide.

Delta Airlines, NetJets, and Gulf Stream have used these antimicrobials to remediate disease-threatened aircraft and as a preventative measure to protect against future contamination. The world of sports has seen the use of these antimicrobials to remediate and treat an extensive MRSA outbreak at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facilities (an outbreak that threatened to cancel a scheduled game which was then reinstated post-treatment), as a preventative measure at the training facilities of the Seattle Seahawks, and as a preventative measure for the PGA Tour's Aviation Department. 



As we all know, COVID-19 is a rapidly developing event affecting many lives and industries. Ours is no exception. As a partner, we wish to update you all on our position stemming from the outbreak, provide a reminder of the available products and programs we offer that could benefit end users, and open a line of communication with our team as questions arise.


Are Xmicrobe and Fresh Start effective against COVID-19?

Yes. Our EPA registered and 3rd party tested technology is designed to eliminate mold, mildew, and microbes including bacteria and viruses. This technology renders viruses inactive upon contact with 99.9% effectiveness. And Xmicrobe provides a biostatic layer that protects the surface and inhibits the growth of microbes 24/7 for years to come.