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If you're cruising around in Pompano Beach, FL (or anywhere in Florida, actually), your tires are taking a beating. Think about the ten-second walk from your lounge chair to the pool during the summer. No flip flops = burning feet. Your precision-crafted Acura vehicle goes without flip flops year round. Just like your feet, your Acura vehicle's tires pay the price of enduring temperature extremes, road debris, and other unforeseen instances. Rely on our Acura tire shop to keep the blisters at bay, so you can get back to doing what you love. Please scroll below to learn a bit more about our services and incentives. And hey, while your car is getting premium Acura tire service, you can spend a few moments checking out the latest Acura cars for sale in our stunning showroom.

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Services Offered at Our Acura Tire Shop

Selection, selection, selection! If you're in need of tire replacement, then we've got some great news. Our Acura Tire Shop has an extensive selection of tread patterns, performance ratings, and speed ratings from the brands you love. If you are thinking about it, it's here. In addition to finding tires you'll love, you'll also find services like:

  • Wheel repair
  • Tire repair
  • Wheel balance
  • Alignment
  • Brake service

And more. Let's say your Acura RDX is back from a trip to the Everglades. Remember that rutted trail you were on? And that fallen tree limb you thought you missed? Now you have some vibration at your steering wheel. Our rim and tire shop experts will be able to determine where the issue is coming from. Is it a bent wheel? Is it a damaged tire? Is your alignment off? What about the balancing? No one knows your Acura better than us. Save time and money. Get your Acura serviced where it will be cared for properly the first time.

Your Nearest Tire Store and More

Did you know that while you're in for tire service, you have the added convenience of a full-service Acura repair facility at your disposal? Why waste time going to any old "tire shop near me" when you can one-stop-shop and have us take a look at that leak you've noticed or test your AC system? What about those Acura maintenance minder codes that have come up? Now's the time to have them resolved conveniently and accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of tires does Acura use?

The right kind of tires can depend on what model and year of Acura vehicle you have. For example, if you have an Acura MDX, our team might utilize Pirelli® tires. However, that is not to say that Acura vehicles can't use tires from other top manufacturers. To figure out exactly which brand, size, and type of tires are best for your car, talk to the team in our service department.

What size are Acura tires?

Acura tires can run the whole gamut of sizes, depending on the wheel size. 17-, 18-, 19-, and 20-inch wheel sizes are common. The tire size will depend on the model and year of your vehicle and trim. For example, versions of the Acura TLX can be equipped with 17-inch to 19-inch wheels. Your current set should list the size on the sidewall for future reference.

How long do Acura tires last?

Acura tires can last over 50,000 miles, translating to three or four years. However, certain actions on your part will shorten or extend their lifespan. For example, if you don't get regular tire rotations, the tires will wear out unevenly, leading to the need for replacements sooner. You should also keep the pressure within your tires to the recommended range to decrease the risk of blowouts.

Acura Tire Service Review


      "TI serviced my car at Phil Smith Acura and had the most pleasant experience. They checked my tire pressure, changed my oil and delivered on time as promised. What a quick and painless chore off my list. I will do business here again!" 5 stars, review by Real Estate Agent 09-26-2021   


The Phil Smith Acura Tire Shop. At Your Service.

Want to save even more on your tire prices near Fort Lauderdale, FL? Call us for your exclusive customer discounts and service coupons. Make an appointment with our online service scheduling tool or just come on by. We know that the new Acura Integra may have caught your eye. What better way to disguise your next shopping experience from your loved ones than to come in for "tire service?" Sure. We'll be happy to "inspect" your tires while you go ahead and "inspect" the lineup of new Acura vehicles. We won't tell.


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