Acura College Grad Offer In South Florida

Acura College Grad Discount In South Florida 

Owing thousands in student loans after spending several years in college is common among recent graduates, which is why the Acura College Grad Program exists. A new car is a must-have after you accept your diploma since you need a way to transport yourself back and forth in Pompano Beach, FL. This initiative can put you in the car you need and deserve.

College may have been hard, but our Phil Smith Acura specials are easy to understand as you save money with your Acura college offer. They made the Acura Recent College Grad Program for consumers like you looking to save in any way they can as you finally enter the workforce.

Celebrate Your Recent Accomplishment With a New Car

You just graduated, and the only way to properly celebrate is by treating yourself to a new or used car. The Acura Recent College Grad Program gives you a $500 offer on your purchase or lease.

This offer applies to 2022 or newer Acura MDX, as well as 2021 or newer Acura RDX, TLX, or ILX models. The Acura NSX and PMC cannot receive the Acura college offer from the Acura College Grad Program.

There are qualifications a buyer must meet, similar to the Acura Military Offer, and they include:

  • Approved credit application for Acura Financial Services® (AFS).
  • You will graduate in the next six months, or you already graduated in the past two years, from a U.S. accredited school or nursing program with your master's, bachelor's, or associate's degree.
  • Able to provide a copy of your diploma or college transcripts to prove you graduated.
  • Listed as the primary buyer on your Acura Luxury Lease®, AFS Retail Finance, or Leadership Purchase Plan® contract.

You are more likely to be approved for Acura Financial Services as part of the Acura Recent College Grad Program in South Florida, FL, if:

  • There are no negative remarks in your credit history.
  • You can prove your employment or have an offer letter and a start date within 120 days.
  • Your monthly income can cover your living expenses, vehicle payment, and other monetary commitments.

Take Advantage of the Acura College Graduate Program at Phil Smith Acura

You don't have too much time on your hands as the Acura College Grad Program ends on April 3, 2023, so take advantage of your $500 reward before it ends. If you decide a new car isn't the route you want to take, you can always check out our Acura service specials to give your current ride the TLC it needs.

Visit us at Phil Smith Acura today and see what the Acura College Grad Program can do to help put you in the new car you desperately need after years of hard work in college.

We would like to recognize your recent accomplishment by helping you get into the right luxury vehicle with a $500 savings toward any 2022 or newer MDX, 2021 or newer ILX, TLX, and RDX models (excludes NSX and PMC models) when you finance or lease with Acura Financial Services® (AFS) [1]

See offer details for customer and vehicle eligibility.

Available dates:
April 1, 2022 - April 3, 2023

Client Qualification:

  • Eligible client has graduated within the past two years or will graduate within the next six months with a masters, bachelor or associate degree from a U.S. -accredited college or registered nursing school.
  • Meet Acura Financial Services (AFS) credit criteria and sign an AFS Retail Finance, Acura Luxury Lease® or Leadership Purchase Plan® contract.
  • Eligible client must be listed on AFS contract as the primary buyer.
  • Provide a copy of a diploma or college transcripts as proof of graduation eligibility and all other documents required by AFS.
  • Lease: $500 is applied toward the cap cost of vehicle. Monthly payment and total due at lease signing are calculated after $500 reduction. Purchase: $500 is applied toward the down payment.

The following Acura Financial Services®️ requirements may apply:

  • No adverse credit history
  • Proof of employment or a firm commitment from an employer (verifiable) with a start date no more than 120 days from the date of the AFS contract.
  • Monthly income sufficient to cover current obligations, living expenses and the vehicle payment.

[1] For well-qualified clients, subject to approval by AFS. Offer excludes Acura NSX. Only one $500 Acura College Graduate offer per vehicle. Offer cannot be combined with Zero Due at Signing Lease Program. Offer not valid on Acura Certified Used Car or used vehicles. Offer valid through April 3, 2023 and may be terminated at any time.

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