2023 Acura MDX Towing Capacity Specs & Package + Chart By Year

We are your source for all things related to Acura MDX towing capacity. Whether you live in Pompano Beach, FL, or not, you will have heard about the renowned style and stellar performance of the Acura MDX for sale. Were you aware it could tow, too? This might be a luxury vehicle, but that doesn't mean it can't get down and dirty for all the toughest tow jobs you can throw at it. If you're looking to tow with your Acura MDX, keep scrolling to learn more about its capabilities.

How Much Can An Acura MDX Tow?

As you may or may not know, different Acura MDX configurations will lend themselves to varying towing capacities. Before getting your brand new 2023 Acura MDX, double-check the configuration on your vehicle to make sure you're looking at the right specs.

The difference doesn't come in which trim you select but in which drivetrain you choose. All front-wheel drive models are rated to tow up to 3,500 pounds.1 All SH-AWD models, which enjoy all-wheel drive, are rated to get up to 1,500 more pounds than their front-wheel drive counterparts, with a max 2023 Acura MDX towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.1

Acura MDX Towing Capacity Chart

Year Towing Capacity Capabilities1
2023 Acura MDX 5,000 pounds
2022 Acura MDX 5,000 pounds
2021 Acura MDX 5,000 pounds
2020 Acura MDX 5,000 pounds
2019 Acura MDX 3,500 pounds
2018 Acura MDX 3,500 pounds
2017 Acura MDX 3,500 pounds
2016 Acura MDX 3,500 pounds

Discover the Acura MDX Tow Package

If you get one of our Acura MDX lease deals, you might want to look into the available Acura MDX Towing Package. This comes with a set of accessories made to help your towing experience be safe and secure. These can include either one 7/8-inch ball or a 2-inch ball, a wiring harness with a 7-pin round-style connector, and a receiver-style hitch to adapt to several varieties of coupler designs.

If you want to tow anything that's over 3,500 pounds, you are required to get an Acura MDX Trailer Hitch ATF Cooler Kit. You can also get the Acura MDX Tow Hitch Kit, which comes with a draw bar, clip, and retaining pin.

Acura MDX Towing Accessories & Features

The Acura MDX Towing Package is a great way to get all the essential 2023 Acura MDX towing features. Without the hitch, ball, wiring harness, and connector, you won't be able to tow. However, you may already be an experienced Acura towing pro and have one or more of said accessories. In that case, we can help you order the Acura MDX Towing Package accessories a la carte. Whether it's the tow hitch ball or wiring harness, our accessories catalog has what you need.

On top of the accessories necessary for using your Acura MDX towing power, you'll find some other great style and functionality-enhancing towing accessories. Want to cover up your hitch when it's not in use? A genuine Acura tow hitch trim cover will add some sleekness and proudly display the Acura logo. For Acura MDX SUVs with the feature installed, we have a trailer hitch that will maintain your hands-free liftgate functionality.

There are many more Acura MDX towing accessories to discover and an equally rich selection of helpful Acura MDX towing features. For starters, the available 360-degree surround-view camera system eliminates worries during hitch-ups and low-speed maneuvers – the hardest parts of towing. Advanced traction control and standard Hill Start Assist will help you smoothly get going, and adaptive cruise control will cut down your long-haul fatigue.

AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic can help you chart your course. Traffic Jam Assist will make any inevitable congestion easier to navigate. A blind-spot monitor will mitigate the decreased visibility, and a lane-keeping system will help your Acura MDX stay stable on longer stretches. The Acura MDX is ready to make it all a breeze with an available adaptive air suspension that auto-levels your ride height under its load. Talk to our team to learn more about how these Acura MDX towing features can help out on your next getaway.

Take It All On: Acura MDX Towing Capacity

The most important thing to know before towing isn't just what your Acura MDX towing capacity is; it's also the weight of whatever you're going to be towing. For example, some people need to tow small utility trailers with them. Don't make the mistake of only recording the weight of the trailer by itself. You need to ensure that the weight of a trailer is calculated with everything you need to tow in it included – whether that be equipment, luggage, or livestock.

If you fail to take the load weight into account, you could accidentally exceed the max Acura MDX towing capacity. This could lead to brake failure, your engine overheating, and tire failure, to cover the least of it. Then, you'd have to come in for possibly intensive Acura service. If you need help determining the weight of whatever you're towing, call us, and we'll walk you through the correct steps to ensure you get the right measurements.

Acura MDX Payload Capacity vs. Towing Capacity

Acura MDX towing power refers to how much weight can be pulled via the hitch, but even those who've never towed know that plenty of weight gets brought along inside your Acura MDX. How do you measure the maximum weight you can store in your Acura MDX? With the Acura MDX payload capacity. Just like the Acura MDX towing capacity, it's a hefty figure that stands tall against the competition.

However, this rating will depend on the weight of the Acura MDX itself; certain trim levels will have varying payload ratings. Even for a same-trim model, selecting certain optional features can cause the Acura MDX payload rating to vary. To find a specific payload capacity for your Acura MDX, check the label in your driver's side door jamb or consult your Acura MDX owner's manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a 2023 Acura MDX tow?

The 2023 Acura MDX towing capacity varies by drivetrain layout and optional equipment. Your owner's manual will contain detailed information. That said, a properly equipped AWD 2023 Acura MDX can achieve a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.1 FWD models reach a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds when properly equipped. Either would provide enough towing capacity for certain fiberglass-hulled boats, a utility trailer, or some motorcycles.

How do I install the tow hitch on the Acura MDX?

We recommend leaving installations like this to professionals, as equipping your Acura MDX with a tow hitch involves laying underneath the vehicle and moving around heavy metal parts by hand if you don't have a four-post car lift and the right tools. The installation process involves carefully maneuvering the tow hitch into place with a mechanical lift, positioning it in line with holes on the vehicle frame, and securing the bolts to a manufacturer-designated torque spec.

How much can an Acura MDX tow with the tow package?

The tow package for an Acura MDX can include a 7-pin harness connector, a hitch ball, and a receiver-style hitch. With it, the Acura MDX towing capacity comes in at up to 3,500 pounds.1 Adding the Trailer Hitch ATF Cooler Kit increases this rating on some models, allowing the Acura MDX to achieve a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds.1

Tow Safer With Phil Smith Acura

We really hope that this answered a lot of your questions regarding the 2023 Acura MDX towing capacity and how to tow safely. We know that setting up towing equipment can be a little less than self-explanatory, so if you find yourself in a confusing spot and need some help, give us a call! Our Acura towing experts will walk you through how to set everything up safely and securely. If you're more of an in-person learner, get in contact with us, and we can set up a good time to walk you through the process in person. We're here for all your Acura vehicle needs and Acura towing needs.

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1Towing requires the addition of the Acura accessory trailer hitch and hitch ball. Please see your Acura dealer for details. Added cargo weight in the vehicle may reduce max towing capacity, see Owners Guide for details.

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