Acura Lease Return Center In Pompano Beach Near Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You've enjoyed all that driving one offers, but now your Acura lease return is approaching. Whether you've decided to opt for another one of our Acura lease deals or just walk away, you have options when your Acura lease is coming to an end. We hope that your time in an Acura was all that you dreamt it would be and that the leasing experience was just as smooth as the driving experience. We're here to make sure the Acura lease return process is just as smooth.

Our Acura lease return center in Pompano Beach, FL, will help guide you through the process and explore all the options you have for moving forward. We'll take you through what's needed to walk away from your lease, make the vehicle yours entirely. However you proceed, we want to make it as seamless a process as possible. Before that, though, here's what you need to know about the Acura lease return process:

The Acura Lease Return Inspection, Fees, and Options

First thing's first, we need to perform an inspection of the vehicle. Let's say your Acura MDX lease has reached 60 days before its expiration. As per lease terms, we'll set up an appointment and inspect the vehicle. When we do so, we're looking to determine the following factors:

  • Condition of vehicle.
  • Any repairs that are needed.
  • If any excessive wear and tear has occurred, and how much if so.
  • If the agreed-upon mileage has been exceeded, and by how much if so.

Once we've inspected your vehicle, the final Acura lease turn-in process can begin. From here, you'll need to bring your vehicle into our lease return center near Fort Lauderdale, FL, with the following items:

  • All vehicle keys/key fobs.
  • The owner's manual and all maintenance/service documentation.
  • Receipts for any repairs performed.
  • The inspection report obtained from the lease return inspection.

Our lease-end specialists will walk you through the next steps of your Acura lease return, but you'll get to choose between:

  • Pay all fees like over mileage, then walk away from the lease.
  • Buy out the lease and own your Acura vehicle entirely.
  • Turn in the lease along with fees owed, then choose a new one like our Acura RDX lease offers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Return My Acura Lease?

First, clean out any personal belongings from your vehicle. From there, you'll be contacted within two months of the end of your lease to set up a vehicle inspection. After the inspection, if required, you'll pay for necessary repairs, along with fees like over mileage and excessive wear and tear. Then set up a lease turn-in appointment. Bring in all vehicle items, including all vehicle keys, owner's manuals, maintenance documents, repair receipts, and the inspection report, and bring in your vehicle to complete your Acura lease return.

Can I Return My Acura Lease Early?

Yes, but there may be additional fees to pay if you do. Whether it's an Acura TLX lease or any other model, there will be lease termination fees included in the contract. However, in some cases, you may have options and can even avoid this. Contact our team with your vehicle details to explore all the options for ending your Acura lease early.

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