Who Makes Acura Cars?

 If you've ever wondered who makes Acura (your favorite precision-crafted luxury vehicle), you're in for a treat. If you don't know, then the answer might surprise you because the Acura manufacturer is right here at home. Yes, Acura vehicles are of Japanese origin, but did you know they're made right here in the U.S.A.? With a performance-focused luxury vehicle to meet every driving objective, Acura makes everything from the family-focused Acura MDX to the race-inspired supercar known as the Acura NSX (and everything in between). So who makes Acura, then? Read on to find out!

Where Is Acura Made?

If supporting American jobs means anything to you, then you should definitely move Acura to the top of your list. Acura has not one, not two, not three, but four manufacturing plants located throughout Ohio. Those plants are found in the following locations:

  • Marysville, OH
  • Anna, OH
  • East Liberty, OH
  • Russells Point, OH

First things first: all engines are made with pride at the Anna, OH plant. Next, transmissions and AWD components are built at the Russells Point facility. The Acura RDX and the Acura MDX are made at the East Liberty plant, while the Acura ILX and Acura TLX are made at the largest of the four facilities in Marysville, OH. Marysville is also the home of the Acura NSX supercar. With four plants located in Ohio, that means a lot of Americans are hard at work. But that doesn't answer the original question, though, does it? You want to know who makes Acura cars. And we're going to tell you in the next section.

Another few points of interest for Acura enthusiasts include a proud race heritage with both on and off-road racing. Racing breeds innovation, and your family-built Acura MDX inherits safety and performance features developed from a recent championship race to the top of Pikes Peak in Pikes Peak, Colorado. The benefits of a brand that is race proven go on and on.

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Who Makes Acura?

In 1986, Acura became the luxury arm of the Honda Motor Corporation. That's right! Your stunning Acura vehicle is produced with the same robust practices that come from Honda. Back in the day, you could also pop the hood of any Acura vehicle and see Honda emblems! So now that you know who makes Acura vehicles let's take a look at why that's important.

Knowing who owns Acura, it's easy to see why Acura vehicles are so reliable. Reliability is at the very core of every vehicle, but where they differ is very obvious. Take the completely redesigned Acura TLX. Acura engineers and designers both agree that this model will redefine the brand and level up its ability to inspire. While a Honda vehicle might be "for everybody," an Acura vehicle is for those looking for more. More performance, more luxury, more connection to the road. This is an exciting time to own an Acura vehicle because if the design team is right, the future of Acura is available now.

Acura Is Made by "__________"

Yeah, you know who makes Acura! Pat yourself on the back. Dominate your next trivia battle. Or simply head into your Acura center, like Phil Smith Acura in Pompano Beach, FL, and let them know that you know what makes these cars so special. Who makes Acura? Honda makes Acura. Share this page. Tell your friends. And learn more about Acura vehicles, here. There's nothing like a flat-bottomed, leather-wrapped steering wheel. You can have your fingers wrap around one when you're ready. If you're ready to have the ride of your life, there's an Acura model that's waiting for you.