Acura Battery Service Center In Pompano Beach Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

Take charge of your electrical gremlins at our Acura battery service center! If something seems out of the ordinary and you've recently concluded that supernatural forces are at play in your vehicle, then it's time to come and see us. Our precision-crafted service center will quickly resolve whatever issues (from this world or beyond) are plaguing your Acura vehicle because we've got the tools, facility, and skilled technicians to get it done right the first time. Check out this page for common signs and symptoms that suggest it might be time for an Acura battery replacement.

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Your Acura Battery Service Center in Pompano Beach, FL

Ok. If you're here, you're hunting for a solution to some issues that suggest a bad battery. The following symptoms will help you figure out what's next.

  1. Slow-to-no start - This classic symptom is a sign of a dead or dying battery. Or is it? If your current battery is less than a year old and you've got a hard-start issue, fingers could be pointing to something else.
  2. Key fob problems - If your remote is completely dead, you might need a handset battery. If your latches do crazy things or appear to operate slowly or at random, make sure to have our Acura battery service center get to the bottom of it.
  3. Brake issues - Believe it or not, power supply problems might contribute to those random ABS lights you've seen lately. Your electronics need a consistent voltage when your vehicle starts and self-checks its systems. Let the pros at our Acura brake service center take a look.
  4. Flickering headlights and cabin lights - This symptom is usually the precursor to battery failure. Sometimes manifesting minutes or days before failure. If you see a red battery illuminate on the dash, do not drive. You only have minutes of power left. Pull over to where it's safe and call for roadside assistance.

If you live anywhere near Ft. Lauderdale, you know that a breakdown would occur anywhere other than an ideal location. Don't let the cost of dealership service keep you from seeing us. Our service specials and coupons keep your Acura battery replacement cost at a minimum.

Why Visit Our Acura Battery Service Center?

You purchased or leased your Acura vehicle because it's a cut above everything else out there. Why buy a house-brand battery from a car parts store that will leave you stranded? Did you know that many economy-priced batteries will have lower cranking amps than what's required by your vehicle? Your Genuine Acura battery price is specific to your vehicle and ensures precise operation under a variety of conditions.

While you're here letting our technicians do what they do best, you can relax in our sun-lit showroom and enjoy refreshments, Wi-Fi, and the company of the latest models at our facility. We'll check out your vehicle and let you know if we see anything else that needs a little love while you're here. Your safety and love for the Acura brand are our top priority. We want you to know what we know. We want you to see what we see.

Phil Smith Acura. Precision-Crafted Service

Our Acura battery service center is more than nuts, bolts, parts, and a bill. As we said previously, we realize that we're responsible for keeping that passion alive. You know the one — that feeling you had when you first realized that you'd be taking that vehicle home. We're not your "one-and-done" repair shop that will broom you out the door. We'll also make sure that we communicate in a way that translates mechanic-speak into normal words so that you can make the best decisions possible.

If you're wondering about other ways that you can save and have increased peace of mind, you'll love the terms of your new Acura battery warranty, the free roadside damage warranty from our Acura tire service center, and more. If your Acura needs it, you'll find it here. If you're looking for savings, you'll find plenty of that too. No matter what issues, peculiarities, or ghosts seem to arrive in the machine, you know who to call.


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