2024 Acura ADX Release Date, Interior & Specs

2024 Acura ADX Release Date

Whether it takes shape as an electric super-SUV or an eco-friendly gas-powered sibling to current Acura models, the 2024 Acura ADX will be the herald of a new generation. First, the Integra launched, re-claiming the coveted eco-conscious, practical, competitively-priced high-performance throne. Now, the ADX is on the horizon with plans to shake up the competition.

Get a sneak peek of this futuristic new Acura model by reading below, and once it arrives, get your first full look by visiting Phil Smith Acura.

What is the 2024 Acura ADX?

While details are scarce, the 2024 Acura ADX reveals a lot with its name alone. Similar Acura models share a naming scheme; the RDX and MDX are both SUVs, so the ADX should join them.

The RDX is a compact two-row SUV. The Acura MDX is a midsize three-row SUV. We expect the 2024 Acura ADX to be the same size or smaller than the RDX. Why? This compact proposition has proven to be a crowd-pleasing segment, as it offers the versatility to handle city streets with agility and highway road trips with great spaciousness. As a result, the 2024 Acura ADX should come to life in the compact SUV class.

Is the 2024 Acura ADX Electric?

The powertrain backing the 2024 Acura ADX is still a secret. However, rumors point to the ADX being an all-electric SUV. While still unconfirmed, this would make sense.

The current Acura lineup is a shining example of how to take technology further. Models like the redesigned Acura MDX combine thrilling performance, massive practicality, and near-hybrid levels of efficiency with ultra-advanced gas-engine engineering. If a current Acura SUV can accomplish all that, imagine what an electric Acura SUV could do.

And that's why we believe the 2024 Acura ADX release date will be the dawn of a new electric generation. The time is especially right; the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Acura NSX supercar is sadly saying its goodbye. We think its high-efficiency, high-performance legacy deserves to live on in new models. The brand has plenty of electric tech available to work its magic on, and no matter how the Acura ADX takes shape, we're sure it'll be an exciting, eco-friendly addition.

The Anticipated 2024 Acura ADX Specs

Like its status as an all-electric vehicle, the specs that will power the 2024 Acura ADX are still under wraps. We foresee impressive technology on the horizon. The 2024 Acura ADX range (if it's an EV) should remove any sense of road-trip charging anxiety and follow up the mileage with a vigorous dash from 0 to 60 mph. Whether it launches as an EV or a gas-powered SUV, we expect the 272 horsepower output of a new RDX to be the ADX SUV's targeted benchmark.

The Luxurious 2024 Acura ADX Interior

We haven't yet seen a preview of what the inside of a 2024 Acura ADX looks like, but we expect style and luxury. The spacious 104 cubic feet passenger volume and 79.8 cubic feet max cargo volume of a new RDX should be similar to what the ADX will offer. Current innovations like concert-quality ELS Studio 3D sound systems, GPS-linked climate control, and 3D view navigation should also make it inside the new ADX.

Regardless of the high-quality details, we're confident that the 2024 Acura ADX will arrive with a truly luxurious, astoundingly advanced cabin that'll leave all your passengers impressed.

Get Ready for the 2024 Acura ADX Release Date With Us

We expect the 2024 Acura ADX SUV's date of arrival to be announced before the end of 2022. While you wait, our passionate Acura experts are here to help you learn more about past, present, and future Acura vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Give our Acura dealership a call, and from service specials to lease deals, we'll make it easy to solve all your Acura needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 2024 Acura ADX be available?

The 2024 Acura ADX release date has not yet been confirmed. That said, we believe the brand will reveal more details by Winter 2022; a specific ADX release date should be part of these details.

What are the main features on the 2024 Acura ADX?

The features inside the upcoming Acura ADX are still under tight wraps. However, we expect innovative hallmarks of current models like an ELS Studio 3D sound system to be offered, along with never-before-seen next-generation driver assistance technology.

Where can I reserve my 2024 Acura ADX?

When it debuts, you can reserve your 2024 Acura ADX at Phil Smith Acura. Our Acura sales specialists can guide you through the custom factory ordering process or help you reserve your perfectly-configured ADX once the model launches.

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